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Just pay online and attach the PayPal Receipt to your device (a simple elastic works best). This is required for both Drop-off and Pick up service. WaterSeal Technology asks that you only send just the phone (please remove screensavers, cases and any other accessories). You will receive your smartphone back in safe bubble wrapped packaging to prevent damage during shipping/handling.

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Please note: Pickup is done by Kranq Courier and available for T2P and T2R area codes ONLY.
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Sub-Total: $ 49.99
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Payments are processed securely through PayPal.
No account necessary.
Need to call?  Phone: (403) 450-8705

Three Delivery Options:

WaterSeal Technology understands that you can't afford to be without your phone for too long, so we have a number of options to get your phone back in your hands as soon as possible.

1. SameDay Office Treatment

Have your phone ready at your office at 8:30am and Kranq courier will come pick it up. WaterSeal Technology will have it treated and back to your office by 5pm the same day.
(Weekdays only. T2P and T2R area codes only.)

2. Drop-off

Drop your phone off with your online receipt to iPhix Eau Claire (200 Barclay Parade SW, Calgary) by 5pm and WaterSeal Technology will have it treated and back to iPhix by 3pm the following day.

3. Mail-in

Mail in your phone to WaterSeal Technology (FedEx and Purolator)
Available Summer of 2014

WaterSeal Technology is currently treating the following smartphone models; iPhones 4&5, and Samsung Galaxy and Discover. We are continuing to add new phones (including Blackberries) to the list as our R&D and Torture testing continues.