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How does WaterSeal Technology protect my device from water?
In simple terms, we infuse your device with vapourized nanoparticles, which bind to the inside of your phone and form an invisible shield against moisture. We protect only that parts that need protecting, so there is no effect on your phone or any of its functions. The shield is good for the life of the phone.

Will WaterSeal Technology’s nano-coating affect my device’s functionality?
No. Our nano-coating does not affect your devices functionality.

How long does the WaterSeal Technology process take?
The WaterSeal Technology process takes approximately 3 hours from start to finish

Do you guarantee your services?
Absolutely: If your WaterSealed phone suffers any loss of function from accidental water damage, we will cover the entire cost of the WaterSeal Technology treatment. We want our devotion to customer service and CrazySimple Service Guarantee to make us the #1 Brand in Canada in water protection.

Can I drop my phone in the tub to show my friends that WaterSeal Technology works?
Umm….no. WaterSeal Technology does not recommend in any way that you torture test your device like we have. That’s a bit like crashing your car to show your friends you have insurance. A smarter idea is to show them the videos on our YouTube Site.
If you have suggestions on new ways we can torture devices, email us or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Why do I have to charge my device?
We simply want to ensure that your phone is functional. Sadly we’ve been burned once with a fraudulent individual who sent us a dead phone and tried to claim that we broke it.

Why do I have to password protect my device?
Simply for your peace of mind. We have absolutely NO interest in the information on your device, nor will we ever try to access it. See our privacy policy for more information.

How can I stay connected while my phone is being WaterSealed?
We recommend you call forward your smartphone to your office or home number to ensure you do not miss any calls; autoreply is also available for email and text. Our customers have found that a few hours without their prized smartphone does cause some minor anxiety but is actually a nice opportunity to ‘disconnect’.

Why can’t I choose my own shipping method?
Quite simply, it’s cheaper, faster and more secure to use our suppliers. To ensure we can deliver fantastic customer service to every customer, we have to know when, how many and what type of devices are coming in for treatment. By using Kranq and Purolator, both WaterSeal Technology and you can track where your phone is and when it will arrive. We have negotiated a great discount with our couriers and we don’t mark up the cost of shipping. If we get a better rate, we’ll pass it on to you immediately.

Do you ship outside of Canada?
Sorry, not at this time, but check back frequently as we are expanding rapidly.

How do I pack my phone for pickup or shipping?
We recommend you wrap it in bubble wrap or foam, then place in envelope with a printout of your receipt. If you don’t have bubble wrap or foam, paper towels also does a decent job .

I forgot to put my receipt in the envelope before I sent you my phone. What do I do?
It’s OK. Contact us and let us know the details and we’ll get it back to you safe and sealed.

I have a question. How can I contact you?
You can reach us via email at or call us at (403) 450-8705.