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Our Guarantee

It’s not just simple. It’s CrazySimple.

  1. We are so confident in our treatment program, that if your WaterSealed phone suffers water damage from a spill or short dip in water (accidental water exposure), we’ll give you your money back. We encourage you to research your options and see if any other company or product is willing to do that.
  2. To process an claim or refund; simply provide a photo, short description of what happened and a copy of your receipt (or paypal transaction #) to and we will transfer the money back to as soon as possible.
  3. If you have any questions about our guarantee, email us at or call (403) 450-8705.
  4. We are committed to customer service and we would love to be able to provide full coverage of the cost of the phone, however we cannot ensure that a smartphone has not already been water damaged prior to our treatment. Please note we are not responsible for damage to devices due to shipping to or from WaterSeal Technology.