Canada's Phone Protection Leader

How it Works

WaterSeal Technology is a revolutionary process that applies a protective nano-coating to your electronic devices to protect them from accidental exposure to liquids. We introduce our nano-coating in vapour form, and it permeates the entire device, bonding to it on a molecular level and leaving it protected for years to come.

It is not visible to the human eye, virtually undetectable and unlike most cases it will not compromise the look, feel, and performance of your phone or tablet.

Want proof? Sometimes pictures really are worth a thousand words.

Proof that it works

To ensure that the technology is as good as we say it is, WaterSeal Technology has gone through extensive R&D in an attempt to find the limits of what our technology can do! We call this our ‘Torture testing’ and we are continuing to add videos to our YouTube page so you can follow us as we do our best to send our phones to their watery grave.

“Can your phone survive this?” We also encourage you to share your “Wet Phone” stories on our Facebook Page, and every month the best story will win a WaterSealed smartphone!

Water Seal Technology