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Protect your phone from water damage.

Waterseal Your Smartphone.

Spilled a drink on your phone? Dropped it in the tub or even the toilet? No problem!
WaterSeal Technology’s new revolutionary nano-technology protects your phone and keeps it safe from accidental water damage, all without a case!

Cost: $49.99
WaterSeal Technology is currently treating the following smartphone models:

  • iPhones 4&5
  • Samsung Galaxy Discover, S3 & S4
  • Blackberry Bold

Water Seal Technology

Protect your phone with WaterSeal Technology
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Smartphones are now an integral part of our lives. We all know someone that has lost a Smartphone due to water damage, from a drop in the tub or toilet, or even talking in the rain. Replacing your Smartphone is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating; the loss of your phone’s use is one of the biggest inconveniences.

After extensive research and development, WaterSeal Technology has developed a revolutionary process that applies a protective nano-coating that fully protects your Smartphone from accidental water damage. This process is unique in the industry as we treat the inside of the phone, where the electronics are. We actually grow a microscopically thin layer of translucent, waterproof material, right onto the inside of your phone. The result: no bulky case and the phone looks and performs exactly the same as when you gave it to us. You can’t even tell it’s there.

Our customers can either drop off their phone or have us pick it up and within a few short hours, we will have the phone returned back to them ‘WaterSealed’. We guarantee that our phones can survive our infamous "toilet test - 30 centimeters for 30 seconds of submersion" and we can offer this protection for the life of your phone.

WaterSeal Backstory:

WaterSeal Technology was established in Calgary, Alberta in January 2013, after a number of months of R&D and lab testing and early-adopters field testing we were market ready in late August 2013. The company was boot-strapped for the first 6 months and first angel capital investors in June of 2013.

The co-founders Mike Wellwood and Craig Dunn are both serial entrepreneurs with a history of innovative start-ups in technology, energy and finance. The R&D brains of the operation, Mike comes from a computer science/ physics education, was an officer and pilot with Canadian Air Force and began his own company in the IT/defence sector. A geologist by education, Craig Dunn is an innovative and strategic-thinking business leader with a comprehensive record of success providing the technical expertise and project leadership. He most recently was co-founder of YYCHelps a grassroots organization that helped pool and manage a volunteer staff of over 10,000 volunteers to help rebuild after Calgary's extensive flooding in 2013. Mike and Craig were friends prior to WaterSeal, who always joked about going into business together when the right idea came along.

Story Ideas:

  1. Not just oil and gas in Calgary, blooming technology startup industry. Two entrepreneurs, from finance and energy sector, create a very cool business model out of a hot tub smartphone accident.
  2. Will It Work? Putting Waterproof Smartphones to the Test (we have done a series of torture tests as part of our R&D and could help you run a fun experiment to see how one of our waterproofed phones competes against one of the phones officially sold as a waterproof phone)
  3. Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gadget Lover (at $49.99 this is a pretty reasonable gift for the iPhone lover in your family)
  4. How do you treat your new best friend? How integral to your life is your smartphone? 56% of population of Canada has one and that number is growing fast. They are always with us, tell us everything and yet always in harm’s way!

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Recent Events:

Startup of the Week: WaterSeal Technology
September 6, 2013

WaterSeal Technology is proud to win “Startup of the Week” with the Calgary Herald for week of September 6th, 2013. Picture to be added as well to Media Link.

Crowd Funding Campaign

Help support Waterseal Technology’s Indiegogo campaign!
October 29, 2013

We have started an Indiegogo campaign and we need your help! Every dollar raised with our campaign will help us to help fund our R&D program, enabling us to add more devices to the list of smartphones we can protect. It will also help us develop our licensing model. Our goal is to bring a licensed WaterSeal location to your area, so you can drop off your phone and within a few short hours, have your phone returned back to you… WaterSealed. Contributions will help our startup company & get some cool perks. Our goal is to raise $30,000 before November 30, 2013.

Media Inquiries:

Craig Dunn
VP Business Operations, WaterSeal Technology
Direct Line: #403 461 8802
Twitter: @watersealtech
Torture Test Videos: